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On November 6th, @古月哥 owed the viewing group to send a message saying that they would return the donations raised by the fans for the movie "Southern Station Party", because this behavior violated Hu Ge's original intention of rigorously chasing stars. At the same time, @古月哥欠影影团 also announced the refund method.

Then @胡歌 published a long-form commentary under the Weibo: "Say sorry," he said that he did not agree with and support the attitude of the fans. The amount of money that should be aided this time is the number and the final purpose. It is unacceptable.

In response, Hu Ge explained his reasons for opposing fund-raising assistance. Apart from "not wanting to create the illusion of prosperity through other special methods", there is a very crucial point. "The performance is good, the works can't work, I am responsible for myself. Winning is to be glorious, and losing is not shameful."

Xiao Zhan, Wang Junkai How much do fans pay for aid?

In the era of data and traffic, doing data and brushing traffic has long been a secret to the openness of the culture of the food circle. Some artists, there are hundreds of thousands, or even millions of hits on a microblog. Whether it is domestic or foreign, it is no longer a new thing for fans to raise funds for idols, and they have even become a "trend" without knowing it. In addition to the fans' support, they also pay great attention to "arrangement." Behind a massive support activity, how much time, energy and money fans have paid, we can imagine.

Some time ago, when the crew of the crew held a concert in Nanjing, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo’s fans responded to the scene and shocked many people. Airport screens, subway ads, airships, custom buses, and even helicopters were dispatched.

I heard that because of the help of fans, the friends who are in Nanjing can see Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo in those days. They can't ignore their existence at all.

Not to mention the concert scene, Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo stood side by side on the stage to shine, and the support of the fans under the stage was also very eye-catching. The red and green lights that each of the two fans raised were merged into a dazzling light sea. The scene was spectacular.

Picture from Vision China

TFBOYS has won the favor of many fans as a combination of domestic farming systems. The number of fans is not only a large number, but also a strong fighting force. For example, Wang Junkai’s birthday should be aided. According to the statistics afterwards, the amount of support for fans should be as high as 800 million yuan.

And Wang Yuan’s birthday should not be underestimated. At the 18th birthday of Wang Yuan, fans at the same time in Hangzhou Qianjiang New City lit up the lights of the 34 buildings with a total length of 2.3 kilometers, which shows that the weight of this aid is not light.

For the adult birthday of Yi Qian, the fans are wrapped up in the brand wall of 65.17 meters long in Hangzhou West Lake Cultural Square, all the way to record the growth of idols.

Fans may be impressed by the idol's mind and the idol. But as a passerby, we seem to be a bit exaggerated. Is such a "arrangement" really necessary?

Fans should help to do what they can

The connotation of chasing stars has changed a lot. The large number of non-traffic stars represented by Hu Ge, together with many “passers”, have not adapted to the current changes. In their experience, the star-fighting support may still stay in the super-female period to pull out the mobile phone to edit the SMS vote. In recent years, along with the ecological transformation of the domestic entertainment industry and the maturity of the fan culture, the fan's routine support methods have become more diverse.

Generally speaking, it generally includes the following four types: First, it is supported on site. That is to say, the scene participates in the performances of the stars, meetings and other activities to achieve the effect of one-stop and driving the atmosphere. Second, advertising should be aided. Including but not limited to birthday support, new works and new event publicity, etc., usually raised by fans to promote it, such as subway, bus station, airport and other places billboards, banners, outdoor LED large screen. Third, the items should be aided. It refers to the purchase of gifts for the idols and the staff around them, and also expressed support for the work of the staff. Fourth, public welfare should be aided. In the name of idols, charity activities, charitable activities, or charity grants are used to deliver positive energy.

The original intention of fans to raise funds is to support the cause of idols, but the current fund-raising should help the chaos. For some idols, the support should not be supported by money. The best star-hunting should be to support them within the limits of their ability. Companionship is the longest-lasting confession, slowly making yourself better in the process. Now many stars are setting an example to explain the way to open the correct star.

From a social perspective, we should create an atmosphere of rational pursuit of stars in the overall environment and guide fans with correct values. At the same time, in response to fraudulent activities that may be involved in the support of fans, we should also improve relevant laws and regulations as soon as possible, give specific punishment basis, and provide clear and clear reporting channels and necessary legal aid to the affected fans, especially the underage fans. . Stars may also wish to learn from Hu Ge, starting with "leading by example." In fact, a healthy and orderly market ecology can make this industry have better development prospects.

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